Victoria LNG Import Terminal Project
Floating Regasification Storage Unit
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Floating Regasification

Floating Regasification Storage

Vopak's Floating Regasification Storage Unit (FRSU)concept utilises an LNG ship, moored offshore with a purpose built marine structure, which has onboard a regasification plant capable of returning LNG back into gas and then, via a pipeline, transferring it into the local gas network. An FRSU is equivalent in size to a large cruise liner being up to 295m long, 45m wide with a draft of 12m and storing up to 170,000 m3 of LNG (approximately a week of gas demand in winter for Victoria).

LNG supply will be facilitated by LNG ships undertaking a ship to ship transfer with the FSRU, with an expectation of a LNG ship around every 7 – 10 days. The benign conditions of Port Phillip Bay enable this operation to be conducted all year around.